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College Exposure & Placement Supercamp

January 13-14, 2018 (Sat.-Sun.)
Stetson University - DeLand, Florida (30 miles from Orlando)

The NKS College Exposure & Placement Supercamp is a full two day evaluation from a nationally recognized program enhancing collegiate recruiting exposure throughout its vast network across the USA.

The camp provides a special platform for high school and junior college placekickers, punters, and long snappers to showcase their talents for the purpose of greatly expanding collegiate exposure and opportunities for placement. All players are comprehensively evaluated over a full two day period (9 am to 5 pm both days). NKS believes that this enhanced extended format is the only legitimate way to accurately assess a player's true ability and potential. Each camp participant's collegiate ability and potential level (FBS/1-A, FCS/1-AA, etc.) is fairly based on their overall performance. The ratings are specific and exact, providing the information that recruiters need to know. NKS profiles are highly regarded because of our long term success and no nonsense reputation.

Evaluations are highly personalized with a staff to player ratio approximately 1:5. Camp participants all have an NKS Senior Staff Member assigned to them throughout the camp and receive their own written evaluations and camp charts.

National Kicking Service's vast recruiting network encompasses all 700 plus colleges and universities that play football in the USA, individual college scouts, recruiting coordinators, coaches, media, NKS staff, etc. Institutions of all levels seek out NKS for prospects. We utilize all resources to enhance prospects visibility.

The recruiting process for the special teams skills can be vastly different from other positions. For instance, placekickers, punters, and long snappers are very often the last positions to be signed in a recruiting year by college programs. Also, when does a player know when a college team is genuinely interested? It is imperative for players and parents to be knowledgeable when in communication with collegiate programs. All aspects are covered in detail at a special meeting. Parents and high school coaches are encouraged to attend.

The College Exposure & Placement Supercamp has been transforming for some players. When a group of passionate placekickers, punters, and long snappers come together in an NKS camp setting the atmosphere is electric. It's a place where conditions are conducive to achieving “the next level”. Camp participants retain NKS as their own personal consultant throughout the recruiting process…..we stay with you all the way.

More and more we hear professional athletes speaking of having fun with their particular sports. National Kicking Service has known that for a long time. Enjoyment of a skill leads to enthusiasm….which leads to quality practice, more practice time, and enhanced performance in game situations. It's always a spirited and passionate group that attends these camps. Players will make new friends and develop relationships with the NKS Staff.

There are many hotels close by to choose from. The Comfort Inn is a little over a mile from campus and is reasonably priced. Tell them you are part of the NKS camp held at Stetson and receive a discount.

Comfort Inn
400 E. Intl. Speedway Blvd.
DeLand, FL 32724

Why do some talented high school players "fall through the cracks"?
A considerable number of talented placekickers, punters, and long snappers do not receive the "exposure" necessary to attract interest from colleges and universities. This may limit their choices for a college education and collegiate football career. What are some of the reasons?

  • Playing at a small school with minimum exposure.
  • Injury
  • Geographic location of school; some areas of the country are more heavily recruited than others. This is especially true for placekickers and punters.
  • Players beginning their high school careers late.
  • Players with collegiate ability receive little or no playing time because of extreme depth at their position ("He would start at any other school in our conference/district.").
  • Physical development: some athletes physically mature more slowly than others.
  • Because of the strength of their team in a particular year some players receive insufficient competitive opportunities to exhibit their abilities fully.
  • Players and parents not fully comprehending the recruiting process.

NKS sincerely wishes to assist all qualified players seeking the opportunity to continue their athletic careers collegiately whether it is playing for a top 10 FBS team or a Division 3 program with just the right mix of academics and athletics to suit them. Maximum exposure is the key.

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