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How to Make Your Own Football Goal Posts

It's relatively easy and inexpensive to make your own football goal posts from PVC piping. PVC pipe is strong and weather resistant. It may be assembled in various ways depending on the configuration desired from nine feet in width, which NFL kickers often practice with, to a full high school regulation twenty three feet, four inches width. Most kickers prefer to practice on more narrow goal posts for increased accuracy. They are also simpler to assemble and cost less.

Standard NFL/College regulation size goal posts: 10 feet high, 18 feet six inches wide. Uprights will be slightly shorter for stability.

Materials needed - For using 3 inch diameter PVC pipe. All goal posts may be made from 2 inch PVC, as well. The section lengths would vary slightly as the fittings (connectors) are smaller.

College/NFL Football Goal Posts

NFL practice goal posts: 10 feet high, 9 feet wide.

Materials needed -

NFL Football Practice Goal Posts

** The sections may be secured in the fittings (connectors) using PVC glue if the goal post is permanent. If the goal post is to be dismantled at some time use a good amount of white duct tape all around the joints. Whatever method used, be certain that all joints are secure. Although rugged, the PVC goal posts are only a target for kicking footballs. They rest on top of the field and are not planted in the ground. Always exercise caution around goal posts.

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