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Gene Muriaty

NKS Director

Gene Muriaty has dedicated himself to kicking and working with kickers for more than 20 years. This has included countless hours practicing on the field as well as working with thousands of kickers from youth leagues to the professional level across the U.S. His professional experience includes the Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos, and New England Patriots.

Initially in his career, he attended a number of kicking camps and subsequently served at various camps as a counselor. Believing much more could be accomplished in the art, he involved himself deeply in kicking research. Coach Muriaty has seen and heard it all...the conflicting theories, myths and misconceptions from high school coaches to some NFL special team coaches. It appeared that many contradicted one another and had difficulty substantiating their concepts. In order to comprehend the skill of kicking more thoroughly, Coach Muriaty brought all acquired knowledge to the Biomechanics Laboratory in search of some definitive answers.

With this technical background and his experience in the field, he developed a no-nonsense teaching system that is unchallenged. Long Snappers benefit from his identical scientific and passionate approach in the skill.

Phone: 781-837-4963
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