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Hand-To-Foot speed. Punters must posess the ability to catch and kick the football quickly.

Average hand to foot speed is 1.3 seconds with minimal pressure. For maximum pressure punts all punters must be able to get the ball away in 1.0 seconds or less!

Know the game situation and learn to recognize a block punt defense. If the opossing team is lined up in the gaps and sending most or all of the players - it's a block!


Proper footwear for grass surfaces:

Top Quality!

  1. Kicking foot - a flexible molded sole soccer shoe with glove leather. The tongue should also be leather - not foam. (e.g. Adidas Copa Murdial)
  2. Plant foot - a low cut replaceable cleat football shoe will provide superior traction compared to a "soft" molded bottom soccer shoe. Note: some hard plastic molded sole shoes provide excellent traction as well. (e.g. Nike Speed TD)
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